Manitoba’s First Synthetic Ice Facility


Bruno’s Hockey Academy isĀ  located in the Cabana Pool Service facility at 2211 Henderson Hwy in East St. Paul Manitoba. We have close to 650 square feet of Viking Synthetic Ice set up in our location and have found this to be very efficient for teaching the important techniques and fundamentals of skating, shooting, stick handling, etc. The ice surface was maximized at the expense of a smaller change area.

Along with pucks, cones and various other training tools, at least one regulation sized net and two small “target” nets are used and moved around on the surface to help keep sessions fresh. Much like regular full ice practices, we have found the kids like to focus on “improving their shot” and our facility allows for the unique opportunity to shoot 25 or 50 or 100+ shots in succession, while on skates and in full hockey gear. The value of this type of unique practice cannot be measured!hockeyPic7

With a maximum of three kids on the surface at any given time, there is enough area to allow for mechanics to be practiced and perfected without the distractions of having a large rink to “explore” while being forgotten as sometimes happens in regular on ice practices.

The surface is very smooth and kind to your skate blades. We have found that sharp skates work best on this surface and that your kids will get the best benefit and results by having sharpened blades when attending.