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2023 On-Ice Pre Season Hockey Camp Registration


 # of Sessions




(GST Included)

Battle Camp ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 2  September  3rd  to 8th $150.00
Power Skating ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14  2 same as above $150.00
Shooting Camp ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 2 same as above $150.00


U 13 (2011,12 )    Players 6 September 8th to first tryout $275.00
U 15 (2009,10) Players 6 September 8th to first tryout $275.00
U13/15 (2009.10,11,12) A1/A2 Prep (Female) 6 September 6th to first tryout $275.00
U18 (2006,07,08)   Players 6 September 12th to first tryout $275.00




U13 AA Prep 2011,2012 Male 5 TBA $250.00
U15 AA Prep 2009,10 male 5 TBA $250.00

 There may be sessions scheduled for Monday September 3rd , 2023 afternoon start

Please Note: Refunds will not be granted after August 15th, 2023 unless accompanied by a medical certificate and are subject to a $75.00 administration charge.


How  To Register

To register for an On Ice Camps, OPEN and PRINT the PDF version of the

2023 OnIceHockeyCamp-Registration


Complete and mail the form (along with a cheque) to the address listed at the bottom of the form. Be sure to indicate which program you are registering for. Once your request has been reviewed and accepted, you will also receive an email to confirm you registration. Note: All fees include GST.


Hello Hockey Families,
> We are excited to announce that we will be opening our Synthetic Ice facility this fall!  NEW LOCATION 770 PANDORA AVE EAST
> Please join Bruno and company: Tyler, Bowen and Rhett for Synthetic Ice shooting and stick handling beginning at the end of October running until March 2022!
> We have changed our pricing model this year:
> Purchase 5 packs
> Private: $350
> Semi private: $200
> Group of 3:  $175
> Purchase 10 packs
> Private: $650
> Semi- private:  $350
> Group of 3: $315
> For a one-time visit please contact us for info on pricing.
> Please email my new Administrator Lauren Zarrillo at:
> Please advise if you have any questions
> Bruno

August Camp update



​​​​​Bruno Hockey Schedules are emailed out  

Defense: 2 places left August 30th and September 1 schedules emailed out
Shooting: please email for info  August 31st and September 2nd schedules emailed out
Battle: 3 places left Sept 6th and September 7 schedules emailed out
Power Skating:  please email for info  left September 9th and 10th schedules emailed out 

Goalie please email for info  August 30th, September 1st, and September 7th schedules emailed out 

U13 AA waiting list August 31st.September 2nd,6th,7th and 9th schedules emailed out
U15 AA waiting list September 6th ,8th,13,14,16 schedules emailed out
U18 AA please email for info left September 15th,17,20,22,24

U11 Female please email for info
U15 Female please email for info   September 8th,13,14,16,20,23  schedules emailed out

U9  waiting listSeptember 6,8,10,13,16 schedules emailed out
U11  waiting list September 8,13,16,21,24 (very late tryout start) schedules emailed out
U13  4 places open September Group A,30 Group B 17,21,24,29,1schedules are out
U15 8 places open September Group A 15,20,22,27,29,2 Group B 17,21,23,28,30,2  schedules are out
U18 email for info September 23,27,1,3,7 (waiting for Oct ice confirmation may change ) schedules out